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    CardioMixes MP3


    2024 >> NONSTOP & AMPED UP!

    NOW OPEN / SUMMER 2024. is now live! Now you can order "MP3 copies" for only $9.99.  DJ Mixed nonstop playback (No Gaps) and you can download to your computer and do more with it!  When you just need our Kick Ass Mixes but don't need separate tracks, you can order from

    Why So Cheap?  We sell on website $20-24 each mix.   Those cost more cause they include iTunes Separate Tracks.  Here is the exact same music and sound quality. Here you are ordering a simple Single File Format Copy for less! 


    Looking for Separate Track Downloads? We sell them here for $24.  Order Here!

    Always $9.99!  Instructors are on a all our mixes are affordable so you can order new playlists to keep your music fresh and updated.  New mixes will be added monthly.

    Limited Availability. This site will remove most mixes after a month or so.  So if you like it, order it fast before its gone!   You will get an email when all new mixes are posting.  To join our email, send a message below.


    Genres, BPMs & 32-CT. Top 40 Remixed, Retro Throwbacks, Booty & Hip Hop. Always Clean Lyrics!  Most will post in 130/140/150 BPM and are 32-Count format! All mixes run around 55 minutes. All mixes play nonstop & zero gaps!


    100% Clean & Listen Before U Buy. Always Clean Lyrics!  I also look for and edit out over suggestive or demeaning lyrics.  Click a mix below to play full length (Low Quality) for you to hear the entire mix before you buy. 

    Song Lists!  This is a basic "Listen/Order/Download" only page.  There is no way to post the playlist of each mix. But I will post a link to the playlists in the next few weeks or in our email newsletter. Make sure you are on our email list to get Full Song Lists of new mixes.

    Easy Single MP3 Format. All files are Long Play MP3 file.  You can drop that to your Apple iCloud or Android device and you're ready to rock! All mixes play nonstop & zero gaps! 

    Order Below. You must download on your computer. Once you order you'll get a download link to your email.  For this price everything is self service but if you have any issues, email details and I will reply within a few days.

    Make sure you understand you are ordering Single File Format Only!

    Ask first. There are no refunds or credits!


    Let's Listen/Order Below!

    Beats 4 you

    Preview Full Mix | Lo-Fi Quality | Downloads Hi-Fi Quality
    Updated Monthly | Always Check Back!


    FAQ & 411


    Can you break down this new website vs all your others?  Sure can!  Our main site ( is where we started. There you can order mixes for $24 and you get a Zip file download and it has Separate Tracks + Single File MP3 format.  Our Patreon ( is where you subscribe for $9.99/month and you access all our music via the Patreon App.  You only download it in the app so that's why it's so cheap - but you get all our mixes for only $9.99!  This latest site ( is where you can order all our same mixes in a Single File MP3 format. This is heaven for Android users cause that's what they need but anyone can use these files.  Drop into iTunes or play them in any music player - even Dropbox or iCloud.  It's amazing...and the price is incredible to have a tangible file that is yours forever.

    How do we see the Song List for each mix? For this site you can't. You will get an email when we post a new mix and that will have the songs or you can review the mix on our website if we offer it there. This new site will offer mixes that will NOT be on our website.  So you're gonna get come crazy fun Exclusive Mixes right here!

    Can I get custom services with these mixes?  Nope!  If you want custom bpms etc. you need to order from our website and pay $24 for the mix.  These are sold as-is!

    How do we know when new mixes are posted?  Drop me an email below and I will add you to your CardioMixes email list. If you are already getting our emails, then you're good!

    Holla Back!


    Thanks! We'll be in touch soon!

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